Gelateria Riss Cocktail Bar

Location: Sardinia island


In Porto San Paolo, in one of the most beautiful coastal stretches of Sardinia (between Olbia and San Teodoro), there is a place where gluttony has found a home! Treat yourself to an "outdoor" to come and visit the "RISS" Artisan Ice-cream Shop, Cocktail Bar and Cafeteria.


Our range of products are divided into different sectors:

- Ice Cream: In the "Gelateria", where the production of the classic high-quality artisan ice cream is flanked by the production of "gluten-free ice-cream" suitable for all those who have special dietary requirements.

- The Cocktail Bar: where thanks to the presence of one of the Barman A.I.B.E.S. better prepared and known nationally, you can taste excellent "Drinks", from classic recipes to the latest news in the world of mixed drink.

- Caffetteria Italiana: in which thanks to the contribution of the best Arabica blend produced by ILLY S.p.a. we have developed a menu suitable for everyone's tastes and needs.

- The small Pastry:  where you will be enchanted by the tasty ice cream cakes of own production.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to brighten up the days and stay of all of you, also welcoming all those who are not native Italian speakers, will decide to spend pleasant evenings with us in the name of internationality.

We wait for you!


  • tipa01“ Steve ist einen sachkundiger und klarer Berater für online marketing, immer neue Vorschlägen und ergebnisorientiert. - Steve ist einen sachkundiger und klarer Berater für online marketing, immer neue Vorschlägen und ergebnisorientiert. ”

  • tipa01

    “ I really enjoyed working with Mithapp on projects and class discussion. They’re smart, focus-driven workers that really knows how to drive a team and manage others' capabilities and strenghts.”

  • FrancoTempesta

    “Steve Danese has get a course of Export Management with me, and over time he has also become a close friend on mine. Immediately I noticed a sharp, scrupulous and meticulous person; he is a serious and reliable professional." - Dr. Franco Tempesta, Consultant for International Marketing & Trade Techniques.”

    Franco Tempesta

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